What is Snoozerme?

Snoozerme is a service where you can save some text and automatically get it sent back to you at a given date and time.
It's a very basic and simple thing and it will be part of your workflow in no time.
Snoozerme sits in between emailing your self and setting reminders on your phone, I have already thought about a bunch of handy use cases and I can not wait to hear about yours!

This is a beta version.
Any questions, feedback, love or hate? Contact me at [email protected]

Example of use cases

  • Got a concert ticket by email? Snooze it for the day of the event and get it at the right time
  • Found a great recipe while at work? Snooze the link for 7pm
  • Don't forget to follow up on a conversation by forwarding it to the bot with a date and time. The whole thread will pop back when the time comes
  • Found a tweet you want to reply later? Use the share feature of your phone, share it with the bot and snooze it!
  • Want to use a simple reminder but don't feel like giving more data to big evil corporation? Use Snoozerme!

Interact with Snoozerme bot

You can add a new snooze right on the website, but the real power of Snoozerme is when you start using the bot.

Snoozerme bot is like your personal assistant, you can send it emails or chat messages.
Let's see how it works.

By Email

When you register to Snoozerme you can contact the bot by email at [email protected]
I recommend adding it to your address book.

Now you are ready! Simply send an email to this address, use the title as the text you want to be reminded and the body to specify the date-time.
This is already a great way to save a new snooze, but I have a better use case for you!

With this mechanism you can snooze an existing email thread for later.
Imagine you get an email and need to reply to it next week.
With Snoozerme it is easy, simply forward this email to the bot and put the date-time you want in the body.
Then you can archive the whole thread and when the time comes, the bot will send you a reminder and the thread will pop back!

Threaded snooze will be send back to you by mail even if you choose to get notification by chat, that way the conversation will popup in your email client. The rest of your snooze will follow the notification setup you choose.

By Telegram

If you are a Telegram user you will love this!
When you register to Snoozerme you automatically get access to this bot, you can start talking to it by using the related "Connect" button in the settings.

You must be a Telegram user and have the app on your phone

Now you are ready! Snoozerme bot will give you access to many feature, and the beauty of it is that it is right on your phone!
When you interact with it you can use the /help command to get some information about the bot.

Usage is quite easy, you send any text message to the bot, it replies something like "got it". Then you send the /snooze command with a date-time information.
This becomes very powerful when you use the native share feature of your phone and send anything to the bot via Telegram.

With a Web Browser extension

You can use the official browser extension for Google Chrome or Firefox (found here)

To use the extension, click on the Snooze button and it will prefill a snooze for you, add the date-time you want and voilà your snooze is saved!


What is this date-time thing?
See, entering a full date and time information can be quite a bad experience.
Most of the time the service will show you some kind of clunky calendar widget, not easy to manipulate and I'm not even talking about the time selector.
With Snoozerme I decided to try another approach, let you write the date and/or time in plain text.

That way it is more easy for you, and this also make more sense when you interact with the bot (by chat/email)
Even if I did my best to cover all the cases, you may write something too sophisticated, so this is a list of the official expressions that are covered.


This is a list of accepted date-time entries for Snoozerme.
Basically it tries to understand anything, rule of thumbs, write the date then the time in plain English.

  • Today at 1pm
  • Tomorrow 14h30
  • Tuesday afternoon
  • Sunday at 2:30pm (means 'next Sunday' even if today is Sunday)
  • Next Monday morning/afternoon/evening (morning if not specified)
  • Next Week (shortcut for Monday)
  • Next Week-end (week-end is a shortcut for Saturday)
  • in 15 minutes (`in` is mandatory)
  • in 1h (`in` is mandatory)
  • in 3 days at 6pm
  • 1st January at 6pm (date must come before time)
  • 20th September afternoon
  • 20/09/2020 (ALWAYS interpreted as DAY/MONTH/YEAR)
  • 19/08 morning/afternoon/evening (ALWAYS interpreted as DAY/MONTH)
Other expression can work but are not officially supported.
If the time expression can not be parsed, you will get an error in return, so you don't have to worry.

More help

Screencast videos

If you need to have a more in depth look on a specific feature, please watch this series of video I made for you.
Snoozerme on Youtube

Snoozerme evolves quite fast, and the video could be a little outdated, but you will get the general idea


You can organize your snooze in bundles.

To associate one of the snooze to a bundle (and create that bundle on the fly if it does not exist), simply add a #bundle_name in the subject of your snooze.
On the website you can find all the snooze from a given bundle in the main menu.

Note that a snooze can be part of only one bundle, only the first hashtag count.


When you contact the bot by email, it knows it's you by looking at the email address you used. But you probably have multiple email addresses? Not a problem, go to your settings and add an alias here. That way the bot will know that it is you using this other email address!

Premium and support

Who is behind this project

Hello, my name is Jérôme and I'm a French solo developer. I made this service because I was a satisfied user of Google Inbox but they decided to close it. The snooze feature they come with enters my workflow very fast. Now I want it to be a standalone feature so it can handle more use case and be independent of any big corporation.
I do use this everyday so you can be sure this service will continue to evolve.

Why isn't Snoozerme free?

You must know that Snoozerme is not a startup. It's just one indie developer working very hard to make it happen. Everyday I'm working on this project, doing marketing, support and development.

I don't have any external funding on purpose: my goal is to avoid the usual Startup story.
You know when someone build a cool service and get some users, attracts some big company (e.g. Twitter, Facebook) and get bought. Then somehow the service gets closed or fades away.

Instead, if every user is paying a little bit for the service, then you are less likely to see it disappear overnight. To be honest, even if I'm passionate about what I'm doing, in the end if I don't get any money to live, I will have to get back to a more classic desk job.


Snoozerme makes money only with Premium subscription. I don't collect and sell your personal data.

With a Premium subscription you get unlimited Snooze vs. only 10 at a time on the free plan. You will also be supporting my work, and as Premium user you will have access to the support by email [email protected]


Snoozerme values are aligned with my (Jérôme) values.

In short, I do mind about privacy, so I don't track you, I don't sell any of your info. I will respect privacy unlike some other assistant out there.

On the technical side, Snoozerme never saves the content of you conversation when you forward it to the bot, we only save the title and the first line (where the date-time info is).
When a Snooze expire (after 30 days) or get delete by you, we DO delete it for real.