Snooze your tasks, free your mind!

With Snoozerme you can snooze emails, links or any text
from your computer or mobile and get it back by email or notification when the time comes.
  • Got a concert ticket by email?
    Snooze it for the day of the event and get it at the right time
  • Found a great recipe while at work?
    Snooze the link for 7pm
  • Got a newsletter you'd like to read?
    Clear your inbox, snooze it for this week-end

How does it work?
Easy as an Email

When you register you get access to the bot email address where you can send anything to.
Use the email title for the content of your reminder and the body to specify when you want it back.
This works with email threads too!
  • Don't forget to follow up on a conversation by forwarding it to the bot with a date and time.
    The whole thread will pop back when the time comes
  • Got an idea for a side-project?
    Free your mind, send a snooze for this week-end when you will have more time
  • You want to use a simple reminder but you do not feel like giving more data to a big evil corporation?
    Use Snoozerme!
It works with any email application, desktop or mobile and any webmail like Gmail or Yahoo.
Any Email Client Send!

How does it work?
Your personal Bot

Snoozerme also comes with a Telegram bot.
You can send anything to it, then specify a time and it will notify you when the time comes.
The bot is right here on your phone!
  • Found a tweet you want to reply later?
    Use the share feature of your phone, share it with the bot and snooze it!
  • Someone shared a great article with you but you're on the go?
    Send it to the bot and snooze it for tonight at home

Support indie makers
Get Premium!

Snoozerme does not track you, respects your privacy and does not sell your personal data. It's made by one single person (me).
If this tool makes sense for you, you should support it with a Premium account.

$3 / monthly

Right now Snoozerme is in beta test,
so it is unlimited for everyone.
Premium account will give unlimited snooze
vs. 10 for the free plan.

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I am here to
help you!

  • Tomorrow at 7pm, 21st of May, in 2 days...
    Any date-time expression should be recognized
  • You're on you computer? Mobile? Web browser?
    You'll always find a way to Snooze something, by email, bot or web extension
  • Tired of giving your data to some big brother?
    Snoozer me doesn't track you and respects your privacy!
  • Worried about the service going away?
    I commit to keep it running while at least 10 persons pay for it.
You still have questions? Please check the help you will probably find the answer here.